Based on its technology platform, Sekisui Chemical Group is making efforts to fuse together its various internal and external stakeholders and companies while accelerating innovation in to support the foundation of LIFE and continuously create “peace of mind for the future” in a bid to realize a sustainable society.

Our Philosophy

To date, Sekisui Chemical Group has accelerated a variety of initiatives by fusing together technologies, business opportunities, and management resources. At the same time, we have to created new products and businesses and cultivated new fields, areas, and applications, while promoting business structural reforms aimed at enhancing profitability. Under the previous medium-term management plan, which ended in fiscal 2019, we set the goals of increasing sales through fusion and accelerating the creation of new businesses. As far as results are concerned, we were able to increase sales by approximately 40 billion yen compared with fiscal 2016, promote the Town and Community Development business in earnest as a part of measures aimed at creating new businesses, and take the next step in demonstrating the technology for converting waste into ethanol. From fiscal 2020, we will continue to accelerate internal and external fusion and promote open innovation to create and disseminate innovative products and businesses that contribute to the resolution of social issues, and increase sales volume.