CS & Quality

Pursuing the Quality Always Specified by Customers by Maximizing “Quality of People,” “Quality of Systems,” and “Quality of Products.”

Management Approach

Our Philosophy

Since 1999, Sekisui Chemical Group has practiced customer satisfaction (CS) management. In 2004, we coined the new phrase CS & Quality in the belief that customer satisfaction and quality are inseparable. We began CS & Quality Management to consistently deliver value to our customers so that they will always choose our products and services. As we consider customer’s feedback as the beginning of our manufacturing activities, we are actively honing the Quality of Our People, the Quality of Our Systems, and the Quality of Products and Services. In this manner, the Group is working in unison to consistently deliver the quality that is always specified by customers.

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Sekisui Chemical Group’s CS & Quality Management Circulation Diagram

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Flow of Utilizing Customer Feedback in Management

CS & Quality Management Promotion SystemEstablishing the CS & Quality Subcommittee That Reports to the CSR Committee

Sekisui Chemical Group deliberates on and determines all financial and non-financial initiatives and policies through its Board of Directors.
Sekisui Chemical maintains a CS & Quality Subcommittee, which reports to the Company’s CSR Committee. Both the CSR Committee and CS & Quality Subcommittee meet twice a year to deliberate on non-financial CS & Quality issues.
In fiscal 2019, meetings of the CS & Quality Subcommittee were held in September and March.

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CS & Quality Management Promotion System (to FY2019)

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CS & Quality Management Promotion System (from FY2020)

  • The name of the CSR Committee was changed to the Sustainability Committee on April 1, 2020.

Creating Customer-oriented ProductsAbout the Follow-up Activities for the Self-declaration for Customer-oriented Management

Sekisui Chemical is in favor of the Consumer Affairs Agency’s initiates for bringing about “Customer-oriented Management” and made a “Self-declaration for Customer-oriented Management*,” expressing Sekisui Chemical philosophy and plans for initiatives, in January 2017.

  • Companies declare to engage in consumer-oriented management, take action based on their declarations and disclose the outcomes of their initiatives.
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Mindful that customer opinions are a valuable resource for management, our CS & Quality Management is based on the motto “customer feedback is the beginning of our manufacturing activities” and is focused on aggressively pursuing innovations in the “Quality of Our People”, the “Quality of Our Systems”, and the “Quality of Our Products.” We aim to contribute to the realization of a worry-free and abundant society by continuing to provide new value to our customers and society.
Below are five activities undertaken in fiscal 2019 based on our “Self-declaration for Customer-Oriented Management.”

1. Ensuring Basic Qualities

Group companies in Japan and overseas are developing and promoting Group KAIZEN Activities, in which employees in each workplace form small groups to address various topics, including improvements in quality and productivity, increasing operational efficiency, and policy and management issues. Sekisui Chemical Group is also focused on establishing a common language in quality and employs a QC Certification system to measure the level of quality knowledge in its employees.

2. Creating Attractive Qualities

Sekisui Chemical Group conducts the CS & Quality Seminar: Attractive Qualities Edition with the goal of bolstering attractive qualities of employees. In fiscal 2019, the main theme of the seminar was how to create attractive qualities during a period of volatile change.
With the goal of accelerating the creation of attractive qualities, Sekisui Chemical Group conducted an Attractive Qualities Screening Program to select attractive Group products. Participants in the program included outside experts and in-house management. Launched in 2008, the fifth program was conducted in fiscal 2019. Eight products were entered with four receiving awards.
As part of our effort to build a corporate culture that creates attractive qualities, Sekisui Chemical Group has established a study group in fiscal 2013 where employees steer their own study groups in order to focus on how to best improve CS culture, with the ultimate goal of promoting communication on the topic across organizational boundaries. The methodology of this study group is used each year in the training of newly appointed managers, and with the goal of creating a corporate culture that fosters the creation of attractive qualities, participants have declared through dialogue their commitment toward determining their own CS & Quality activities.

3. Upgrading Technological Capabilities

We are holding a variety of seminars to learn effective and efficient preventative measures in order to avoid the occurrence of quality issues when developing new products.
We are also effectively utilizing our quality management systems (QMS) in the implementation of attractive qualities process approach. For internal audits in particular, we are promoting activities aimed at increasing the use of the SPMC (Sekisui Process Management Chart), an in-house assessment tool.
We believe the ability to respond effectively to our customers is a key attractive quality and have accordingly established a Telephone Service Training program to improve the ability of our employees to provide phone-based service to our customers.

4. Enhancing Communications

Sekisui Chemical Group believes a customer-oriented business requires a developer to effectively understand the needs of its customers, through communication with individuals from both inside and outside the Company. To this end we are focused on creating a variety of communication opportunities.
Our efforts to take into account the voices and values of those outside the Company include our CS & Quality Seminar, which invites external experts to speak, the Attractive Qualities Screening System, which involves product quality assessments provided by third-party experts, and customer satisfaction surveys in the housing company business. In addition, and separate from this survey, each year we publish and distribute to all Group companies the VOICE booklet summarizing customer inquiries and feedback gathered by the Customer Consultation Office.
With the goal of improving communication among employees, Sekisui Chemical Group engages in a variety of measures. This includes workshops aimed at promoting employee discussions on CS & Quality systems and activities.

5. Providing Thorough Employee Education

Sekisui Chemical Group conducts CS & Quality training each year for new recruits and employees newly appointed to managerial positions. Training for new recruits looks at the Group’s approach toward CS & Quality management as well as daily operating behavior that is conducive to customer satisfaction. For employees newly appointed to managerial positions, training is conducted in groups using practical case studies. These group workshops encourage employees newly appointed to managerial positions to think about how to realize CS & Quality.
We see activities 1~4,which cover such wide-ranging fields as CS & Quality Seminars, the Attractive Qualities Screening Program, VOICE, and Employee CS & Quality Assessments as measures that facilitate the education of employees.