Medium-term Plan

Sekisui Chemical Group Has Put in Place a CS & Quality Policy Under Its Medium-term Management Plan

Management Approach

Medium-term Plan ImplementationInitiatives Under the CS & Quality Medium-term Plan (2017-2019)

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Roadmap for CS & Quality Control Initiatives

Note: SPMC (short for Sekisui Process Management Chart

Major Initiatives

Medium-term Plan (2017-2019) ProgressDecrease in External Failure Costs Compared with Fiscal 2016

In fiscal 2019, the final fiscal year in the CS & Quality Medium-term Plan, there was one incidence of a major quality issue*1. Meanwhile, there has been no major quality issue relating to new products*2 in the current fiscal year. In addition, external failure costs*3 decreased compared with fiscal 2016. To achieve zero major quality issues in the future, we will promote quality management activities across the entire supply chain based on the Development Guidelines and Everyday Management Guidelines. In addition, we will aim to decrease external loss costs by rolling out across the entire Group a more robust quality assurance system, management of changes and alterations to this system, and quality risk-reduction activities based on the prevention of defects.

  • *1 Major quality issues:
    Problems related to product and service quality that could cause significant damage to customers, society, or Sekisui Chemical Group if not thoroughly resolved on an urgent basis.
  • *2 New product:
    A challenging product selected by divisional companies through the development of new fields and technologies.
  • *3 External failure costs:
    Costs arising from responding to product-related complaints.

Enhance Basic Manufacturing CapabilitiesRebuilding of the Quality Management Systems

Strengthening process approach activities is essential to promoting certification under the 2015 edition of the ISO 9001 standard. Here, we developed an original sheet, which we dubbed the SEKISUI Process Management Chart (SPMC), for Group-wide use. The SPMC provides an overview of the management flows of those processes that make up the Quality Management System at a glance. Moreover, the SPMC is an effective tool in monitoring daily management, promoting corrective action as well as internal audits, and other activities including quality education. In fiscal 2019, steps were taken to put in place criteria that would help ascertain the level of operations and to initiate evaluations at each production site. Based on the results, every effort will be made to promote the understanding and penetration of the SPMC and to continuously pursue activities aimed at improving operating levels.

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Improve Attractive QualitiesHolding the Attractive Qualities Screening System

In accordance with the “CS & Quality Management Activity Roadmap,” Sekisui Chemical held the 5th Attractive Qualities Screening System in fiscal 2019. In addition to modifying the existing evaluation criteria, steps were taken to also review the System’s operations. Eight products were entered in the Attractive Qualities Screening System in fiscal 2019 with four products receiving awards.
Note: Details regarding Creating Attractive Products and Services to be provided later.

Performance Data

Data Concerning Major Quality Issues

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  • Number of Major Quality Issues

Indicator Calculation Method
Major Quality Issues These refer to product and service quality issues determined by Headquarters or the divisional company presidents, based on evaluations and judgments by the quality assurance manager, which could cause significant damage to customers, society, or Sekisui Chemical Group and lead to the loss of society’s trust in the Group if not thoroughly resolved on an urgent basis including:
1) Problems that could have a serious impact on (or cause severe damage to) society, such as product recalls
2) All serious problems involving human safety and those acknowledged by the Divisional Company to be serious problems involving the safety of property
3) Compliance-related problems concerning the quality of products or services (e.g., those involving compliance with relevant laws and regulations)
4) Problems that could inflict serious financial damage on customers

Data Concerning External Failure Costs

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  • External Failure Costs

    Indicator Calculation Method
    External failure costs Costs arising from responding to product-related complaints