Developing Personnel Who Engage in Environmental Activities as a Part of Efforts to Conserve the Natural Environment in Various Regions Around the World

Management Approach

Basic ConceptPromoting Conservation of the Natural Environment

Sekisui Chemical Group promotes environmental conservation to realize the “earth with maintained biodiversity” called for in “Sekisui Environment Sustainability Vision 2030.” Based on this policy, employees are now engaged in activities for conserving the natural environment around the world. These activities for conserving the natural environment by employees are considered by the group to be an effective means of achieving the vision, bolstering the organizations required to conduct the activities, and fostering human resources adept at engaging in environment-related activities. Since fiscal year 2013, the group has held “SEKISUI Environment Weeks,” which are meant to be attended by all employees at all business sites, has helped to raise the activities spearheaded by business sites to whole new levels, where they are conducted in partnership with local communities, and has otherwise expanded the range of activities engaged in.

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Major Initiatives

Initiatives of Sekisui Chemical GroupMangrove Planting Activities in Thailand and the Collection of Marine Plastic waste

Sekisui Chemical Group is engaged in mangrove tree-planting activities as part of its efforts to revitalize and maintain mangrove ecosystems in Thailand and contribute to local communities.
Sekisui Chemical Group held its ninth round of mangrove tree planting activities in Chonburi Province, Thailand in fiscal 2019. There were 177 participants, including local individuals active in tree-planting efforts and employees of the Group’s 12 business with locations in the country and their families.
On the day of the event and before the start of activities, the Chairman of Thailand’s National Economic and Social Development Board as well as the Department of Marine and Coastal Resource’s officer in charge of the protection of mangrove forests gave an important talk to participants regarding the importance of mangrove ecosystems in the global environment, the significance of mangrove tree-planting activities, and the issue of plastic waste. The participants then moved to the planting site and waded deep into the mud to plant about 2,000 seedlings.
The activities also included the collection of a substantial number of empty bottles and plastic waste from the sea.

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  • Employees and their families participating in mangrove tree-planting activities

  • Participants in the mangrove tree-planting activities

Forest Preservation Activities by Our Housing CompanyWoodland Conservation and Afforestation Activities

In fiscal 2019 our Housing Company continued to carry out forest preservation activities, as well as afforestation and a number of other efforts performed to protect the environment.

Woodland conservation activities (Tokyo Sekisui Heim Group/woodlands on the Mt. Tsukuba foothills)

Having gained the cooperation of the Tsukuba Kankyo Forum, an NPO, in April 2019 Tokyo Sekisui Heim Group carried out conservation efforts to protect the mixed-species forest of the Mt. Tsukuba foothill woodlands, thus helping to recharge the Kasumigahara watershed. Participating employees worked at the direction of the NPO by performing maintenance activities such as clearing brush, and learned about how human hands can facilitate the penetration of sunshine that preserves the woodland environment. They also observed aquatic life such as the eggs of a species of red frog (rana japonica) and water scorpions (laccotrephes japonensis) in a rice paddy prior to planting. They came away from the experience with a keen awareness that woodlands function to nurture a diverse array of life.
In appreciation of how this hands-on experience made employees think of the relationship between urban areas and woodlands, they will continue to perform activities that contribute to their local community.

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Preservation activities in a mixed-species forest (clearing brush)

Observing Woodland Life and Environmental Education

In fiscal 2019 we continued to work on environmental preservation activities, not just by the Tokyo Sekisui Heim Group, but all of the Sekisui Heim companies.

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  • Hokkaido Sekisui Heim Group
    Mt. Shirahata conservation activities
    (Sapporo City)

  • Sekisui Heim Tohoku Group
    Coastal forest restoration /tree-planting activities (Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi Prefecture)

  • Sekisui Heim Chubu Group
    Conservation of human settlement-adjacent mountain ecosystems in the Higashiyama neighborhood (Nagoya City)

  • Sekisui Heim Kinki Group
    Mt. Kaseyama conservation activities
    (Kizugawa City)

  • Sekisui Heim Chushikoku Group
    Woodland Preservation Activities on Mt. Misao (Okayama City)

  • Sekisui Heim Kyushu Group
    Conservation of rice paddy-adjacent mountain ecosystems (Ukiha City)

Afforestation Activities in Local Communities (SEKISUIHEIM KINKI CO ., LTD. /Hidakagawa-cho, Wakayama Prefecture)

In January 2019, the Wakayama Branch of SEKISUI HEIM KINKI CO ., LTD. entered into a five-year agreement with Wakayama Prefecture and Hidakagawa-cho covering forest conservation and management. Under the agreement, the Wakayama Branch of Sekisui Famis Kinki Co., Ltd. will work collaboratively at forest preservation activities in “SEKISUI HEIM no MORI WAKAYAMA.”
Activities undertaken in May and November of 2019 included planting the saplings of native tree species (approximately 500 trees), such as konara oak (quercus serrata) and ubame oak (quercus phillyraeoides), the source of high-quality Kishu charcoal. Together with contributing to the preservation of the area’s natural environment as a member of the local community, these activities will lead to increased environmental awareness among employees.

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  • Signing ceremony for the forest preservation and management agreement (January 31, 2019)

  • Conducting tree planting,
    underbrush clearing activities

Collaboration with Local CommunitiesInitiatives taken at Group business sites

Group business sites carry out a variety of environmental preservation activities in efforts to safeguard the Kinki region’s natural environment, working in collaboration with the local community. While a myriad of environmental problems exist in the region, in fiscal 2019, we endeavored to continue as a corporate citizen by offering our support for solutions.

Cleanup Activities in the Vicinity of Lake Shinji (Sekisui Seikei, Ltd., Izumo Plant, Izumo City)

Every year employees and their families take part in concerted cleanup activities sponsored by five cities, located along the shores of Lake Shinji and Nakaumi Lagoon, which are registered with the Ramsar Convention on wetlands.

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Eradication of invasive aquatic grasses in the Shinmachi River (SHIKOKU SEKISUI CO., LTD./ Saijo City)

In collaboration with the local NPO Saijo Nature School, four times a year SHIKOKU SEKISUI CO., LTD. employees work to eliminate Canadian waterweed (Elodea nuttallii), water speedwell (Veronica anagallis-aquatica) and other invasive species, and takes action to preserve indigenous species such as curly-leaf pondweed (potamogeton crispus).

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Woodland Preservation Activities in Kyoto’s Sen Forest (Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. Shiga-Minakuchi Plant/Koka City)

In the Dosenbo area on the highlands of Kyoto’s Minamiyamashiro Village, employees and veteran staff worked together with people from the region to maintain mixed-species forests and develop foot paths, making efforts to preserve woodlands.

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Hands-on Environmental Education for the Next GenerationSekisui Children's Nature Academy

Sekisui Chemical Group is collaborating with local communities and working to convey to the next generation the importance of conserving the natural environment.

Kyusyu Sekisui Children's Nature Academy (Kyushu Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd./ Kanzaki City)

In partnership with Chiyodatobu Elementary School located in the Kinki region, in November 2019 Kyushu Sekisui Industry Co., Ltd. invited second-grade students to “Country Woods,” its on-site biotope, and held the Kyusyu Sekisui Children's Nature Academy, so students could gather to make observations of living organisms.
This observation event is driven primarily by the “Biotope Committee,” an internal entity comprised of employees who developed the event’s program and carries out the day’s activities. Based on the guidance of the event’s instructor, Committee members serving as leaders convey to the children the mysteries of life and the importance of being close to nature. The children discovered Japanese grass lizards (lacertids), tree frogs (hyla japonica), the larva of rhinoceros beetles and other organisms. Through this hands-on experience, the children learned about the diverse range of life forms that surround them.

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Getting together to observe living organisms at the biotope “Country Woods”

  • Sekisui Chemical Group has held the Sekisui Nature Academy as environmental training for employees since fiscal 1997 to nurture leaders in nature preservation activities.

Observing living organisms and checking water quality at Nitanda River (Sekisui Heim Industry Co., Ltd. Kanto Site/ Kasama City)

As an extracurricular class of the compulsory education school, the nearby elementary school Kasama Municipal Minami Gakuen, employees and fifth grade students carried out aquatic insect observation and a water quality survey at the Nitanda River (a tributary of the Hinuma River) using simplified test kits.

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  • At the extracurricular class