Fostering the Next Generation Through Programs Based on the Characteristics of Our Businesses.

Management Approach

Basic ConceptHelping to Build Local Communities in Which Children Can Develop and Healthily Grow into Adulthood.

Targeting communities where the children who will form the next generation can develop and healthily grow into adulthood, we provide educational programs for elementary, middle and high school students that leverage our business activities. Including field trip lessons, for example Science classes, given by Company employees as well as support and assistance for research based on innovations inspired by nature, the Company conducts a wide range of activities.

Major Initiatives

Initiatives of the Housing CompanyHouses and the Environment Learning Program

At the Housing Company, we have run a “houses and environment” learning program since fiscal year 2007 in which employees make use of their knowledge to teach about homes and the environment at schools. This is a new type of class where Sekisui Chemical Group employees work alongside teachers. The classes are carefully designed to let the students experience the building of environmentally friendly homes using models while thinking about the layouts and other aspects of the homes through group discussions; and the students learn about the role that homes play in our lives and about the impact that our lives have on the environment. In fiscal 2019, classes were offered at 17 junior high schools and high schools in the Kanto, Kansai, Chubu, and Kyushu areas. One of the students who took the class said, “When I build a house of my own in the future, I want it to be a house that prioritizes the environment and safety first, even over design or ease of use.” Another student said, “I was interested in construction work, and now I am even more interested after taking this class.” These were just two of the remarks we heard from those who took the classes. A teachers said, “The students were very interested in this assignment because they could use kits to build model homes, following on from a previous class that also used visual materials. I believe this is precisely the active learning that is being promoted by the Ministry of Education.” A total of 1,907 students participated in the classes in fiscal 2019.

  • 9-025

Children assembling model housing kits

High Performance Plastics Company InitiativesChemistry Classroom Project

At the High Performance Plastics Company, the “Experiment-based Support Class” for middle school students have been conducted since fiscal 2008. For this program, volunteers from the Minase Office designed the classes along with the middle school teachers and provided a program that was not just interesting but also easy to understand, by linking to the school’s curriculum units. The “Children’s Experiment Classrooms” for elementary school students are also conducted using the Company’s products. In fiscal 2019, a total of 2,783 elementary and middle school students experienced the fun and usefulness of science through these programs.
In addition, the Company created its first program for high school students and held classes at Sakata Koryo High School in Yamagata Prefecture in fiscal 2019. In line with the desire of teachers to allow their students to experience how the properties of synthetic polymer compounds emerge from their chemical structures, the Company used polyvinyl alcohol and other water-soluble plastics produced by the Company to carefully design the classes in a way that would deepen the understanding of the students.
The Company plans to continue these activities to allow even more children to become interested in, and fascinated by, the field of chemistry.

  • 9-091
  • 9-112
  • A view of the experiment

  • In-class explanations by employees of Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

High Performance Plastics Company InitiativesChemistry Classroom for Children

At the Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., Shiga Minakuchi Plant, the “Challenge! Chemistry Classroom for Children” initiative for elementary school students in the local city of Koka is being carried out with the goal of revitalizing the local area and supporting the development of the children.
Although these activities have been held every year on a limited basis restricted to the families of employees since 2009, the Company partnered with a welfare organization in Koka, Shiga prefecture (Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union Center) starting in fiscal year 2016 and has included them in a children’s event hosted by this organization so that more children could participate and experience the depth of science and the fun of experiments for themselves.
At the Company’s 4th exhibition at the children’s event in fiscal 2019, the Company conducted an experiment called “Let’s Make Strange Ooho Water That Can Be Held by Hand” under the concept of “See, Touch, and Enjoy Chemistry.” This chemistry experiment immerses an aqueous sodium alginate solution in a calcium lactate solution, which drives a cross-linking reaction to form a gel film that adheres to the surface of water and enables it to be held by hand. Many of the children shouted excitedly and asked lots of questions, and the experiment was well-received.
The employees who participated as staff tried to come up with a way to explain the experiment content in a simple way that anyone could understand through trial and error, finally developing an explanation covering aspects ranging from the structure of the compounds on the molecular level to the cross-linking reaction using lots of illustrations. Many of the employees stated that the experience of communicating with a different generation in this way gave them feelings of “achievement and satisfaction.”
We hope to continue providing academic support through even better content in the future, encouraging the children who participate to take an interest in chemistry.

  • 9-092
  • 9-113
  • Using illustrations to explain the experiment to children in an easy to understand way

  • Experiment for making strange Ooho Water

High Performance Plastics Company InitiativesScience and Engineering Classroom

At Sekisui Medical, we have been implementing a “Science and Engineering Classroom” for middle school students in the city of Ryugasaki, Ibaraki prefecture, the site of our diagnostic agent plant and laboratory, as part of our social contribution activities, one of our Activity Guidelines, since fiscal 2016. Classes have been implemented for a total of 2,238 students in the program since 2013 (216 of them in fiscal 2019).
We held a program for 9th grade middle school students in fiscal 2019 called “Blueprints of Life: Exploring the Secrets of DNA,” a developmental lesson from the textbook. In addition to having the students actually extract DNA from broccoli and observing it with their own eyes, this program helped the students understand the importance of the link between medicine and society. The program was also held as an activity that recognized career education, and thus provided time for lecturers to speak about why they joined Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd., after the class.
Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd., plans to continue these activities.

  • 9-093
  • 9-114
  • An employee serving as a lecturer and
    providing an explanation

  • Students performing experiments while being advised by employees

Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products Company InitiativesScience Courses

At SHIKOKU SEKISUI, a science course on the theme of “substances around us” is being implemented for 7th graders at a neighboring middle school. This initiative has been implemented every year since fiscal year 2009 in response to a request from the local middle school in response to children’s decreasing interest in the sciences, “as professionals in the field, please help us increase students’ interest in science, even in a small way.”
In fiscal 2019, classes and a plant study tour were held for 7th grade middle school students (49 students) at Saijo Municipal West Middle School. After an experiment using plastic conducted as part of the “substances around us” lesson for 7th grade students, they were also invited on a study tour of the plant. During the tour, the participating students saw the actual production line for plastic products up close, felt the raw materials used for plastics as well as the finished products, and experienced the sight of a manufacturing facility for themselves, a rarity in their daily lives.
We will continue these activities in the future with the goal of increasing the next generation of children’s interest in MONOZUKURI (manufacturing).

  • 9-094
  • 9-115
  • Plant study tour

  • An employee providing advice on the process for the experiment

Sekisui Chemical InitiativesPromoting Environmental Education for the Next Generation Through an
Environment-related Painting Contest

As one of its initiatives to promote environmental education for the next generation, Sekisui Chemical supported the “23rd National Elementary and Middle School Student Environmental Painting Contest” in fiscal 2019. This is a painting competition sponsored by the National Elementary and Middle School Environmental Education Research Society based on the idea of “wanting to create opportunities which will drive individual children to face environmental problems and take initiative,” and all elementary and middle school students in Japan are eligible to take part. The themes for the paintings in fiscal 2019 were “building a sustainable society together” and “protecting our rich natural environment nature together.”
The Company also selected “Sekisui Chemical Special Prize” winners to show approval for the ideas of the competition.

  • National Elementary and Middle School Environmental Education Research Society

“Sekisui Chemical Special Prize” winners

  • Elementary School Division
    Saitama Prefecture:
    Satoe Gakuen Elementary School
    Teppei Ito, 6th Grade

  • Middle School Division
    Kanagawa Prefecture:
    Senzoku Gakuen Middle School
    Misuzu Sato, 9th Grade

Award-winning paintings can be viewed on the page below.
23rd National Elementary and Middle School Student Environmental Painting Contest Prize Winners品