In order to support the basis of LIFE and continuously create “peace of mind for the future” in a bid to realize a sustainable society, Sekisui Chemical Group will work to address environmental issues that need to be resolved from a long-term perspective.

Management Approach

Our Philosophy

Sekisui Chemical Group aims for a planet in which the air, water and land provide a healthy living environment for its inhabitants and fosters robust biodiversity. Our daily lives and economic activities make use of the natural capital* provided by our planet to ensure sustainable growth. Sekisui Chemical Group envisions a planet and society like this.
We are engaged in our daily business activities with the aims of halting the deterioration of natural capital, such as by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, promoting the use of recycled use of resources, and decreasing impacts on ecosystems; contributing to making returns to natural capital through such means as expanding sales of products to enhance sustainability; and achieving a world in which biodiversity is preserved.

  • Natural capital: A term that refers to physical capital, such as soil, air, water, minerals, flora and fauna, as well as biological capital, human capital and social capital.