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 Since its foundation, Sekisui Chemical Group has leveraged its unparalleled technological, quality, environmental, and other strengths to cultivate frontiers in various fields starting from daily necessities, and expanding to housing, social infrastructure, transportation, electronics, and medical fields. In the conduct of its business activities, the Group has also worked diligently to create social value. Put simply, our track record of growth is a history of social contribution. Against the backdrop of an increasingly harsh and unpredictable environment, expectations toward the Group and the depth of its mission continue to mount. Sekisui Chemical Group formulated its new long-term vision for the decade that lies ahead in May 2020. The Group also set its vision statement as “Innovation for the Earth” which entails supporting the basis of LIFE and creating “peace of mind that continues into the future” in order to realize a sustainable society. This “Innovation for the Earth” statement embodies the strong will of the entire Group to contribute to society by continuing to generate innovation.

 Looking even further into the future, Sekisui Chemical Group is working diligently to resolve social issues on a global scale while contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.